The Estrogen Gene Test is a safe, simple and fast saliva test that measures how your body uniquely metabolizes estrogen.

Studies show that women who take HRT have an increased risk of breast cancer by as much as 2.5 times more than women who have not taken the test. This site is a place for women to educate themselves on how the Estrogen Gene Test will help you and your doctor determine if you can safely metabolize the surplus of estrogen that HRT or IVF medications flood the body with.

Before you start IVF or HRT, learn about and order the test to determine your risk. And if you’ve already done IVF or HRT, or even had breast cancer, order the test so you can learn how to diminish the risk of either getting breast cancer — or of getting it again.

The Estrogen Gene Test Company works with the Hormonal Cancer Foundation to study the long term consequences of Estrogen Metabolism interventions and breast cancer risk. If you will consider participating in the ongoing research study, we can also send you additional information.