Genetic Counseling

If you have ordered your test directly and you live within the United States, you must receive your results a genetic counselor or a physician. You may have your test results sent to your physician or you may receive your results from a telephone counseling session with one of our genetic counselors or physicians. Please schedule your appointment as soon as you send in your test kit.

Even if test results are going to your doctor, a 15 minute test counseling session is included with your purchase. We strongly encourage all patients or their doctors to access this service in order to better understand your results and the recommended methods of improving your estrogen metabolism.

Depending on your test results, it is imperative that you bring the results of your test to your own physician so that they may recommend and monitor the steps necessary to improve your estrogen metabolism.

Dr. Veltmann, is one of the world’s leading experts on the use of genetics in clinical practice. He is the founder of Santa Fe’s Institute for Individualized Medicine and a Nutritional Biochemist who has been in the field of nutritional medicine more than 30 years.  All physicians and genetics who counsel patients are trained by Dr. Veltmann in the latest interpretation of the EstroGene test.