Training Videos

Clinical Applications of the Estrogen Gene Test

Summary Video

Short Physician’s Webinar.

Part 1

In this short video, The Estrogen Gene Test Company introduces physicians to it’s EstroGene test. We briefly review the test and patient/physician benefits.

Part 2

The Estrogen Gene Test Company reviews the difference between familial breast cancer and estrogen positive breast cancer as well as how the EstroGene test may aid in the prevention of breast cancer.

Part 3

The Estrogen Gene Test Company reviews estrogen metabolism, estrogen metabolism genes and how the EstroGene test protocols may improve estrogen metabolism.

Part 4

Dr. Veltmann reviews Case Studies of various women and how to improve their estrogen metabolism and monitor the improvement which may lower breast cancer risk.

Part 5

Dr. Veltmann explains how gene expression may be influenced via EstroGene protocols to improve estrogen metabolism which may reduce estrogen breast cancer risk.